Over the years, we’ve invested in hundreds of products and services that have helped us transform and continually master every area of music marketing.


We’ve invested in everything from online training courses, dozens of seminars, read hundreds of books, and used many tools and resources to help grow our online businesses. We get asked all the time about what we use and personally recommend, which is why we thought it’d be useful to share all of the best online business and music marketing resources that we use (or have used) and love.


This page contains all of the best music marketing and online business resources that we’ve benefitted from to help you on your path of mastering music marketing. Whether you want to improve your craft, online business, make passive income, or improve your connections in the industry – this page provides tools and resources to help you. We’re constantly updating these resources, so make sure you check back often!


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MusicMarketingTycoon - Distrokid


DistroKid is the fast-growing, low-cost music distribution service for independent artists all around the world. And overall, they do a good job at getting your music on sites like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. So yes, we do recommend using Distrokid to get your music out there easily. They’ve got an easy interface, a low price and some nice extras/perks.


A website used to find gigs to help create, format, and promote content, as well as design graphics and help with aspects of your website or social media. Always know what you'll pay upfront your payment isn't released until you approve the work. Find high quality services at every price point. No hourly rates, just project based.



Are your songs streaming on Apple Music? 🎵
With nearly 80 MILLION paid users, Apple Music has proven to be one of the top revenue generators for Independent musicians! 💰
The NEW Apple Music Bible is an e-book PDF that provides INSTANT ACCESS to the detailed contact info for over 3,700 Apple Music playlist curators. This resource is categorized by GENRE so you can easily target playlists with listeners who appreciate your style of music 🎶
Share YOUR MUSIC with the world! 🌎


There are 345 MILLION PEOPLE listening to SPOTIFY!
It’s where your music NEEDS to be if you are going to SUCCEED in today’s market. This is where the majority of modern consumers discover new music.
The INDIE SPOTIFY BIBLE helps you to TAP into this VAST market by providing you with detailed contact information for 4,200 popular Spotify playlists.


Are you an indie musician or producer?
If you’ve ever tried to find contact information for the right industry contacts, you know how hard it can be.
How frustrating is it to spend HOURS using a free directory, only to realize you STILL can’t find what you’re looking for and you’ve wasted your time?
Enter The INDIE BIBLE. 🎸 For 20 years The INDIE BIBLE has helped indie artists of ALL genres with promoting their music, getting radio airplay and distribution, having their music reviewed, and getting signed to a record deal.
Join the thousands who have used this valuable tool to grow and monetize their fanbase.
What are you waiting for?


Indie Musician:
How would contact info for 50,000 contacts in the music industry change your career?
Majorly, right?
For more than twenty years, indie artists like you have relied on the INDIE BIBLE to affordably promote their music, get more radio airplay and streams, book more gigs, or sign with an agent or record label.
And with the Extreme Indie Bundle you can get the entire line of our products so you can start promoting your music, and building your music career without spending hours scouring the internet for contact info.
Need more streams?
We have bibles for that.
Need places to play?
We have a bible for that.
Want to get your music reviewed?
We have a bible for that too!
And so much more!
If you’re going to succeed as an indie artist you NEED the right connections.
Even one of our directories could save you months, if not years, in finding the connections you need to “make it” as an indie musician and build a sustaining career.
If you want to make an extreme difference in your career, you need the Extreme Indie Bundle.
Click “Learn More” to get 50,000 music industry contacts today!


Are you putting all your focus on one streaming service? 🌐
Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music are three of the top revenue sources for Independent Musicians worldwide in 2022. 💰
The Indie Streaming PACK will help you BOOST your streams online by providing you with detailed contact information for 12K+ Spotify, YouTube & Apple playlists. 🎶


You'll get detailed contact information for over 4,000 Electronic Music Playlists, and over 2,000 Blogs, Magazines, Radio Shows and Record Labels eager for music like yours! The information is presented in an easy-to-understand way that will gently ease you into your DJing/Producing experience.


If you’d like to book a lot more live gigs starting today… plan a successful tour… or find your ideal booking agent…
Click ‘Learn More’ to see how thousands of indie musicians are doing it right now.
With this, you will…
🌎 Find gigs all around the globe (in music venues, clubs, festivals, colleges, concert halls, restaurants, weddings, casinos, private parties, corporate events and more...)
🏝 Discover agencies that specialize in booking artists on resorts and cruise ships (Imagine… getting paid to perform in beautiful settings for relaxed guests… while enjoying free vacations!)
🤙 Grow your fanbase and gain exposure (Let them hear the passion with which you play live… few things will convert lifelong fans faster!)
💰 Increase income from your music career (Live performances are paid but it doesn’t stop there.. They’re also an ideal platform to sell your CD’s and other merchandise.)
🎼 Promote your music in the best way possible (Few things will do more for your brand than looking an audience in the eye and building that personal connection they crave.)
🎸 Plan tours effectively (When you use this directory, not only will it let you fill up tour dates, but you’ll find people and resources to help make your life easier!)
Go here to get instant access:


If you are looking to boost your streams on YouTube - this is the resource for you! 🎶📈 You’ll get detailed contact information for 3,500+ YouTube playlist curators, categorized by genre. Easily connect with the curators who feature your style of music and get your music heard worldwide 🌎🎵


Whether making international payments, receiving funds, managing your digital business, or accessing capital, Payoneer opens your business up to the world. Payoneer is the preferred payment method of millions of freelancers and businesses around the world.



One of the largest domain registrars and website hosting providers and powers millions of websites. You can register your domain name from as low as $5.98 and can get a hosting plan for as low as $2.18/month. Buy the Cheapest Domain. Your online adventure starts here. Find a domain and launch your site today.